Light Waves Collection ©Wendy Corbett

Above: Light Wave Designs ©Wendy Corbett

About the designs

Designed using mindfulness blue, indigo and violet (a high energy light wave frequency), balancing greens (medium energy light wave frequency) and stimulating reds, oranges and yellows (low energy light wave frequency). (Eckstut).

The harmonic flower signifies colour light frequencies designed in harmonic proportions to reflect positive energy vibrations. Vibrational harmony as opposed to dis-harmony stimulates mental, emotional and physical well-being.

These small or large prints can be placed anywhere to reflect positive vibrational harmony.

  • Please contact for bespoke large and small format sizes, and pattern combinations.

Coloured light frequencies

Vibrational frequencies refer to the energy waves emitted by light from the sun. The visible colour spectrum, the colours of the rainbow – are (red, orange, yellow, shades of green, blue, indigo, and violet). Our ability to see colour has evolved over millions of years. Each colour has a different wave frequency and as light enters our eyes our brain translates the wave frequency into a colour. Blues, indigo and violet have a high vibration frequency, greens have a medium energy frequency and reds, oranges and yellows have a low vibrational frequency. (Eckstut).

Harmonic Patterns inspired by nature

Pattern in itself signifies a natural order that can help us to feel safe and secure in our environment because pattern builds on the archetypes found in the natural environment.

Harmony vs disharmony

On the whole shades of green do not signify danger. Reds, oranges and yellows stimulate action and can stimulate thoughts of unrest (think hunger, pleasure and fight or flight signals). Many of the colours found in human-centred designed spaces use visual signals designed to stimulate action and when overused can adversely affect the nervous system and create unrest.


Connection to Sound, Light, Thought

Colour: Blue, Indigo, Violet

Vibrational frequency: High


Connection to Air

Colours: Shades of green

Vibrational frequency: medium

Harmonic leaves: This design holds the same principles as the harmonic flower (shades of green).

Connection to Air

Colours: Shades of green

Vibrational frequency: medium


Connection to earth

Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow

Vibrational frequency: Low


Absence of coloured light

Colours: Greyscale

Vibrational frequency: Very Low

Visual communication

We have evolved this physical function to help us make sense of the world around us. We’ve learnt to connect colour to support information about our environment; what foods are safe to eat, seasonal changes, dangers and the visual communication developed by social groups. 90% of the information that our brain translates relates to the visual environment. (Eckstut).


The Harmonic Flower design reflects positive colour vibrations and symbolises harmony between the mind, the physical body, our connection to others and to the earth.


Eckstut and Eckstut (2013), The Secret Language of Colour, Black Dog and Leventhall Publishers, Inc. NY. (Physics and Chemistry, Chapter 1).

Colour frequency combinations

Design combinations.

Left: Harmonic flower design, symbolising how high colour energy waves (blue, indigo, violet) influence mind, body and our relationship to others (including the planet); Right: Harmonic leaf design symbolises calm, safety, a chance to re-balance and rejuvenate. (Through absence of mind and body stimulating colours).

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